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Children & Teens

Help your young family members experience a more fulfilling home life.

Every family experiences conflict. After all, living together will create tension along the way.

For many families, regular breakdowns in communication can cause intense emotional responses. Continued conflict can lead to disconnection, decreased empathy and escalated tension within the home.

It is possible to regain a strong family bond through family therapy. By fostering empathy and healthy communication, you can improve your family relationships.

When we work with families, we aim to clarify family roles, increase understanding and encourage adaptable behaviours among family members. Family counseling examines the dynamics of a family unit as a system of individuals.


Ultimately, one family member’s choices will impact the rest. Make a positive change, and the effects will reach the rest of your family.

As family therapists, our role includes:

  • Helping your family understand how it functions as a unit. This includes family dynamics, roles, and individual behavioral patterns.

  • Educating your family in different family system roles and how your family functions.

  • Helping your family focus less on the member identified as problematic, and instead focusing on how the family functions as a whole.

  • Identifying main points of conflict, anxiety and unwanted behaviours. From there, we help your family develop strategies to work toward resolution.

  • Strengthening and encouraging all family members, so that each one feels safe and confident working on family problems together.

  • Teaching the family to use coping strategies and healthy communication patterns to handle conflict and change within the family unit.

  • When you understand individual roles in your home, you increase empathy. With the right tools in place, we can help your family reach a happier, healthier home life.

Does a young family member need counselling or therapy? Please contact us.

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