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Are you struggling with addiction?

Is someone you love showing signs of addictive behaviour?

Addiction refers to a person’s need for more of a particular substance or behaviour to feel at ease. Without it, they are likely to grow frustrated, stressed, and (ultimately) miserable.

Addictive behaviour applies to a broad spectrum of substances and behaviours, including alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, eating, Internet use, and video games. Regardless of the substance or behaviour, there are common signs of dependency.

If you notice 3 or more of these signs, consider seeking help for addictive behaviours.

  • Friends and/or family members notice the addictive behaviours

  • Attempts to conceal the addiction from family and friends

  • Use of the substance or behaviour to cope with stress and anxiety

  • Relationships, environments, and thoughts centered around the addiction

  • History of addiction in the family

  • Unsuccessful attempts to quit the addictive behaviour

  • Problems with health, employment, or relationships

  • Denial of addiction, or belief that dependency is not present because the particular addiction is legal

  • A more chaotic life – unpaid bills, accidents, trouble with concentration or memory, feeling out of control

  • Anxiety, depression, ADHD, or other mood disorders

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we want to help.

Our counsellors have over 20 years of experience giving guidance to individuals with addictive behaviours.

As counsellors in this situation, we look at a person’s motivation to change. In the first stages, we examine the growth of the addictive behaviour over time. From there, we connect it to triggers, cravings, family history, past trauma, and/or learning disabilities.

After this process, we develop a treatment plan with the client. Each clinical model we use is meant to support the client as they reach their goals for change.

We believe in a community-connected healing process. If we believe a high level of care is needed, like residential treatment or day treatment, we will provide referrals to the appropriate supports.

Do you or someone you care about need help with an addiction? Please contact us.

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