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Organizational Consulting

for Trauma-Informed High Quality Standards of Care

As a organizational consultant, Ian brings many year of experience working with systems from medium to larger organizations.


Ian’s specialty is to develop and integrate into practice “High Quality Standards of Care” that are inclusive of trauma-informed practices standards and “Required Organizational Practices (ROPs)” for Organizational Accreditation. 


Research suggests that up to 90% of clients who enter mental health and addiction services have a history of trauma.


Agencies that provide services to vulnerable populations having historical trauma need to integrate practice that are trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive. Many agencies today have trained on trauma-informed, but lack the ability to effectively integrate trauma-informed practices into clinical practice  and service delivery. 


Ian will bring knowledge and leadership to your organization, agency or program to develop “Trauma-informed Standards of Care” that are designed for the unique and individual needs of you agency, service delivery model and resource size.


His approach is to not only to work with your organization to design the specific trauma-informed standards of care, but also to develop the integration component into clinical practice and service delivery with accountability and monitoring for all levels of the organization to the adherence to the trauma-informed standards of care.


With this type of approach, your organization, agency or program will be providing service from a “do no harm approach” to vulnerable populations.


Ian specifically has provided consultation to the following types of system for Trauma-informed Standards of Care (TISC) or TISC & ROPs include:
  • hospital systems

  • mental health organizations for children, youth and adult services including residential or outpatient

  • addiction services

  • agencies that service homelessness populations 

  • homelessness shelters

  • Women shelters

  • any all other agencies that provide services to populations with a history of complex or compound trauma

Please Contact Us if you or your organization are interested in these consulting services.

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