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Activate Your Body to Activate Your Wellness

Being active has never been viewed as a chore for me. Many people struggle with all aspects of physical activity such as getting started, keeping it going, and being consistent. Please make changes in your lifestyle based on three factors:

  1. How ‘important’ is this change for me?

  2. How ‘motivated’ am I to make this change?

  3. How ‘confident’ am I that I can actually make the change happen and start, keep going, and be consistent?

Physical wellness can never be fully achieved without some form of exercise which increases your heart rate. According to the E.R. Laskowski, M.D (Mayo Clinic), he reports that overall, we require 150 minutes of moderate OR 75 minutes of vigorous Aerobic Activity per week. Also, the aerobic exercise should be spread out over the week. We also require Strength Training exercises for all major muscle groups at least two times per week. This would include using resistant bands or weights.

I personally, as a therapist, spend much of my day sitting down. Sitting has become as detrimental a smoking in the research. J.A. Levine Phd, MD reports that sitting increases obesity, blood pressure, high sugar levels, excess fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol levels. Sitting also increases your risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

When considering health and wellness, being physically active supports several key areas of your life including:

  1. Weight control by increasing calories burned

  2. Combating health conditions and diseases by increasing your ‘good’ cholesterol and decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease

  3. Improves your mood and self-esteem by activating those neurotransmitters in your ‘gut’

  4. Boosts your energy levels

  5. Promotes better sleep

  6. Sparks up your sex life and endurance

  7. Increase social connection and frankly, exercise is FUN (Mayo Clinic)

As a practicing therapist, I believe that I need to live my personal life in a way that promotes self-wellness before I can talk to clients about their wellness. Physical activity plays a central role in my personal life. What I have experienced is all of the benefits mentioned prior. I start my day with exercise, as it is more likely to happen and be successful to accomplishing my workout. Changing up routine and workout activities supports staying engaged in your commitment to exercise.

I personally enjoy yoga, HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training), Cross Training, and I take with my partner the odd boxing class with a trainer. Everyone needs to explore and find what works for them, but what matters the most is that our mental, physical wellness, and even life expectancy is connected to your physical activity levels. Don’t short change YOU!!! Live full and active lives in order to experience amazing benefits in your daily life!

Be well,


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