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How’s Your ‘Gut Health’?

I recently watched a movie on Netflix called “What the Health.” I would highly recommend everyone to watch this movie. As the old saying goes “You are what you eat” and this is so true. As a male in my 50’s, I have become more mindful and aware of my health over all, and mostly what I need to do to feel well. One area that I have placed an effort in changing is my diet.

Several years ago, I was 60 lbs overweight. I went to my doctor for a physical, only to find out I was pre-diabetic with high cholesterol levels and a fatty liver. I was already taking statins drugs for many years to manage cholesterol levels and now I was frequently having to test my blood sugar levels. I experienced many side effects from the medications I was taking, which were supposed to reduce my symptoms but instead, created new health related issues.

After a great deal of conversation with my family physician, I decided to make some radical changes. Instead of living my life of symptom management, I decided to look at the root cause. I consulted a holistic nutritionist and started to better understand the impact food had on my health. I made the radical decision of becoming vegan for three years. I have since returned back to this lifestyle of eating. What I learned about diet is that the majority of health related issues are a result of our diet. We truly are what we eat. When I changed my diet, I went back to my family physician only to find out in six months that my cholesterol was within the normal range…WOW! My blood sugar levels had also returned to the normal limits.

According to Healthline, they report that ‘Gut Health’ influences heart, stroke, diabetes, and many other areas of our wellness. Also, gut health plays a significant role in out mental health and wellness. 95% of all of our neurotransmitters are produced in our ‘gut.’ Inflammation becomes the known enemy of our neurotransmitters and how they reach the brain.

John Hopkins University and School of medicine reports the Brain – Gut connection inflammation and IBS negatively impacts many of our mental health disorders and treatment must be mindful in treating both for good outcomes. Today, I encourage all of my clients to consider a life of physical and mental wellness and in the model of treating a whole person, I educate clients on the importance of healthy food and wellness along with the Brain-Gut connection. For those that make these changes, therapy seems to move a lot quicker, as a result of the significant positive impact this has on individuals lives.

Happy eating for 2018!

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