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Is My Brain 'Here?' Keys to Living in the NOW

Video games, cell phone, computers, tablets, texting, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Toks, and Facebook have altered the brains GPS neuropathway and mapping system to misfire, and even crash sometimes. The inability to remain present seems to be the world's new 'disorder'. The lack of attention, concentration, focus, listening, noticing and being present in the now are becoming a societal challenge. 

What is seemingly more interesting is the rapid increase of societal anxiety, depression and mood disorders. Is this connected? Destigmatizing mental health has been a good thing for many. But it has also created so many challenges also for many. Anxiety creates a futuristic worry or fear with distorted thoughts. This keeps your focus on all the future "what if's". Depressed feelings are often grounded in the past, and felt throughout the body, having a paralyzing, fatiguing  effect. There is a real sense of not being present here, and locked into feelings and thoughts of hopelessness. 

So, where is your brain? Are you here, present, engaged with each moment by moment?

When we practice connecting to the  NOW, we can begin to learn to experience the fullness of each moment. Being present allow our brain and body to be fully here, wherever you are, allowing you to engage with each moment in a meaningful way. 

So, what does NOW stand for?


O=Observation and Experience 


Life is short! One's lived experiences are actually few when we measure this to the timeline of human existence. We want to be present, with all observations and experiences without wasting time. 

Being here in the NOW allows us to experience the following:

  1. Lowering anxious state - big tasks will begin to feel less scary

  2. Lowers physical pain

  3. Reduces all types of cravings for alcohol, food, or spending 

  4. Food tastes WAY BETTER

  5. Starting to re-experience the world like a childhood jungle gym or play center.

  6. Able to make decisions easier

  7. Becoming more efficient with your thinking, especially with problems. 

  8. Detach from passive technology dependencies 

  9. Feeling more empowered and confident

  10. Being present and connected when having sex

  11. Less anxiousness 

  12. More energy 

  13. Better connection with your loved ones, colleagues and friends. 

  14. Inner peace, calmness and happiness

  15. More connection to your body and its sensations 

  16. Clarity of thoughts and thinking with less racing thoughts. 

  17. Tasks feel less overwhelming. 

  18. Being in the NOW slows life down 

These are just a few benefits in living a present oriented life and experiencing the fullness of the NOW. Try it out for yourself and see what you personally experience. Notice how your emotional state changes, your mood increases, and you gain the feelings of inner peace as it begins to sprout up within you. 

Be well 


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