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Our Service Rates

Below are our fees for specific services offered at our agency. 

48-hour notice is required to avoid a late cancellation fee of the therapist's hourly rate. The no-show fee applies to the therapist's hourly rate. 


Ian Robertson

        Individual therapy

      $200 per 50 minutes

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

        $750 for a 3-hour assessment            session

       $337 for 1.5 hr session

       $225 for a 50-minute session


Michelle Graham

Individual therapy 

$180 per 50 minutes

Vertical File Cabinet

Document Requests

Written report requests are based on the hourly therapist rate starting at $180. 

Client file requests - $180



Individual session

$180 per 50-minutes

Judge Gavel

Legal Requests

Subpoena request for legal proceedings includes:

  • Advanced preparation time for the legal proceeding - $200 hr

  • The therapist's hourly rate applies to the total time spent at the proceeding, including wait time.  

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