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Restoring Family Resiliency

for Parents and Children from the Impact of Trauma


 As a parent, experiencing trauma events within a family system, and especially when your child is implicated, induces so many insecure feelings of how to parent, cope, and support your child through this difficult period. Parental anxiety over changes in a child can, in turn, complicate the healing process.


This workshop will review the impact, signs and symptoms of trauma on a child including fearfulness, nightmares, and dramatic behavioral or personality changes. We will will discuss the core issue of trauma’s effect on the body and what it takes to return the nervous system to equilibrium and balance. We will focus on supporting parents developing a blueprint for restoring a child's sense of safety and balance within themselves, family, and community.


We will review helpful straightforward ways to support your kids through tough times, and also describes in detail the warning signs that indicate a child needs professional. We will discuss a step-by-step guidance on preventing long-term symptoms like anxiety and depression.


These measures are taught in simple language and as experiential “stress-busting” exercises that can be practiced with your children.


Interested in taking part in this workshop ? Contact us today.

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