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Introduction to Trauma Integration

The role of trauma-informed integrative practices with addiction and mental health


Working with trauma effectively requires a toolkit and skill that can address the multiple nuances and complexities inherent in working within this area of practice. The New Haven Trauma Competencies will be reviewed as foundational to all trauma practice. Following this, the ACR model (Attachment, Regulation, Competency) will be introduced as a guided process for assessment and treatment for children, teens, and adults.

This workshop will also provide an overview of several different trauma models used for integration.

  • Trauma and memory

  • The brain and body connection 

  • Shifting out of paralysis: a psychobiological approach

  • Understanding the Map for Therapy 

  • Mapping the body, mending the mind: SIBAM 

  • Bottom-up approach of the three brains, one mind

  • Returning to the Embodied ‘Self’

  • Review several trauma treatment models used to support “integration”

Interested in taking part in this workshop or offering it to your organization? Contact us today.

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